The Walking Dead
Your meat is torn apart. Hot blood comes splattering out. You're gasping, wheezing for air. Ripping and tearing, bones and muscle completely destroyed. Consciousness starts to fade. The smell of iron is enough to make you choke. And then, your body becomes nothing more than a lump of meat.

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           It hurt too much…..

        Welp. I did it. I dedid my first muse AND I created a new OC. I’m insane. I know. I’m sure I shouldn’t, but whatever. This way, I’ll never be bored, I guess.

Kaze, you are in a rut and I don’t know what to do with you. I want you to grow, but you don’t want you to grow. And all these depressive moods are not doing anything good for you, bud. So, fuckin’ cheer up! No? Alright then. Go eat a human and wallow in self pity.

Ugh…I don’t know if I want to just redo my mermaid muse or create a new OC entirely. I’ll die if I try to do both.



             With his hands stuffed in his shorts and his head tilted up to look at the sky, at the moment wandering aimlessly. Having his hoodie up around his head and a lollipop preoccupying his mouth. While he walked, he came across a box that he saw from the corner of his eye, making him come to a halt and go over to it. Crouching down, he looked at the closed box that had a few holes in it before he decided to open it all together. Inside, there was a small husky pup that was sleeping. “Aw, who abandoned you?”

            He asked the animal, going ahead and picking it up before he started walking again. The only reason he stopped again was because he got tired, so he took a seat down on the side of the ground, oblivious to the person next to him. “Ah..” After a minute, he finally felt the presence and looked to the side of him, tossing the person a smile. “Hello!” His voice wasn’t loud in the greeting, but it was slightly over the necessary pitch for when a person was next to another person. “This wouldn’t be your puppy would it?” Holding up the husky dog to the boy who looked like he was having a crummy day.

            Pushing the lollipop to the side of his mouth and still grinning like an idiot, Ren placed the dog in his lap. “He doesn’t have a name tag or anything, so I don’t know what to call him.. Can you help me?”

        Now that he didn’t have any shoes anymore, the male felt his toes dig into the ground. The bruise on the tip of his foot was looking a bit better. And it didn’t hurt as much as it did before. The carmine eyed zombie bit his lip. He didn’t have another pair of shoes. He suppose he would have to make due with what he had. He always had to do it like that. He frowned when he realized that this lack of footwear probably meant he wouldn’t have the chance to move away from this desolate place. Although he didn’t usually travel to the better parts of town because of his own personal issues, he still had the choice. But he didn’t think walking around without shoes would be advised.

        Kamikaze sighed, placing his legs to his chest. He wrapped his arms around his legs as he set his head on the top of his knees. It was a comfortable position. He felt like it was protecting him. There wan’t many opening if anyone decided to attack him. The position made the ever present fear and attention he usually had disappear slightly. The male flinched when he felt the other sit next to him. Where had he came from? Kamikaze paled, peeking with carmine eyes at the male.Hello. He should say hello. But he found it hard to do much of anything than panic slightly. A panic attack was growing and then he spotted the puppy.

        It was almost like a switch had turned off. The fear on his face was replaced with wonder and small excitement at seeing such a small creature. He really loved animals. He could even forget his fear of animals in favor of them. “It’s not my dog,” he said. He wished it was, but he couldn’t keep a dog. It was too dangerous for a zombie. “Um…um…” Some of the timidness return at the question. “I…uh…don’t know if I can help…but I’ll try…” At least for the dog’s sake.

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       Oh, look at the kitty. It was so cute. So cute. Can he pet it?

(( Yes, if you want to!! I tried to reply to your greeting, but I am no good at those @_@ ))

Oh man. You should have told me. It’s good I know. So yeah. Let’s do something. Is there something specific you have in mind?



((Eh? What made you think that babe? I like that idea. I swear one day I’ll come see you and give you the biggest fucking kiss ever.))

I just know what you like by now. Good. I’ll get started on the starter since I was the one who asked. Haha. Cute.

(Source: spoiledflesh)

Dang it. I’m considering redoing my mermaid muse. It’s a lot of work, but I really like that muse.